A Visit to Flamig Farm, West Simsbury, Connecticut

One extremely muddy piglet. I don't blame the piglet at all for its rather informal state of attire. It was unbearably hot out. I almost got down in the mud and rolled in it too to cool off.

On this day, this Traveler and some of her very best friends visited Flamig Farm in West Simsbury, Connecticut. The has a large petting zoo and a pretty cool farm store. There's a fantastic ice cream place just around the corner with a great farm store as well.




Emu. I always seem to be photographing Emu. I live no where near where Emu are native to yet everywhere I go there seems to be emu. In fact, I once had one put its head all the way in my car and start pecking my camera lens....


Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl

Oh how I wish I could sleep like this cat.

Young goat

Llama. I love the froth of spit just on the side of its mouth.

Llama enjoying some hay.


Pea Hen


  1. Lovely pics, so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hahaha PIGLET pic is nice. Even the donkeys are nice...........


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