Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Snails oh my!

Halloween Pennant (teneral male)

Traveler Two, with whom I shared my adventures in Scotland, and I went for a short walk out around part of the Burrage Pond Wildlife Management Area in Hanson, MA late one afternoon. The dragonflies have finally begun to appear yet numbers seem lower than years previous. The water is way down, which is odd considering all the snow we had this winter and all the rain we had this spring. But there were still some interesting shots to be had.

Pearl Crescent: common visitor of fields and meadows. It's larva feeds on asters.

Perhaps an American Copper but definitely part of the hairstreak family.

Eastern Pondhawk, not sure if young female or male.

Eastern Pondhawk, changing male

Eastern Pondhawk, female perhaps

Found this in my garden. If anyone has a clue what kind of snail this is let me know. This is not the native terrestrial snails you find in some parts of Massachusetts.