Rockwell Park Nature Trail, Bristol, CT

Widow Skimmer, male

I'm very familiar with this area of Connecticut from my younger days. I've known about Rockwell Park for years. What I didn't know was that there was now a very short nature trail there. What is astounding is that the very small pond, wetlands and meadow area is a hot bed of dragonfly, bird, butterfly, and frog activity. It was amazing!

There were Halloween Pennants, Twelve Spotted Skimmers, and Widow Skimmers flying all around us. Bullfrogs were sitting in the shallows. Green frogs hid along the shore. And huge bull frog tadpoles were swimming everywhere!

Widow Skimmer, male

Widow Skimmer, female

Green frog

Bullfrog Tadpole with legs developing.


  1. I have never seen a green frog before. It was quite a delight watching it.


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