Scotland: The Last two days: Moor Hens in the City

Birds sighted: Moor Hen, Mallard, Wood pigeon, black bird, yellow wagtail, Wren, Herring gull
Mammals: Gray Squirrels

Moor Hen

These last two days here in Scotland were taken up by much needed gift buying and repacking and mailing of things that no longer fit in luggage, but we did do three things of interest:

Gladstones Land
Gladstones Land is a 17th century tenement house near the Castle. The front has a cloth merchant’s store with vegetable dyed wool and traditional colored tartans on display. The rest of the rooms are equally interesting, especially the bedroom with the painted wood ceiling. As also mentioned in Mary King’s Close, this tenement building had spiral stairs on the outside that led from one floor to the next. You can climb a remnant of such steps going from one floor to another at Gladstone’s Land.

Moor Hen

Young Moor Hen

Moor Hen with very young baby

The Royal Botanical Garden
The Botanical gardens are nice place to walk although I find myself wishing for more wild and open spaces. We did see two Moor hens with babies of various ages. And finally we saw a squirrel, albeit a grey squirrel. We never did get to see a Scottish red squirrel, nor a pine martin, or even an otter in the wild. Someday….


Then we did the Waters of Leith Walk. There are some good spots on this walk but just as many smelly and rather dirty places as well. As for the promise of wildlife, I did see one yellow wagtail and several Mallards. But what we mostly saw was joggers.

Dean Village

And now, unfortunately, it is time to say good by to Scotland. We did so by having a good dinner at the World’s End pub and a pint or two and some good music at The Tass.


Until next time. This Traveler will be back. There is just so much more to see and four seasons within which to see it all....

Last view of Edinburgh Castle

Herring Gull


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