Scotland Day 23: Orkney to Aviemore

This was a sad day. It was hard leaving Steve and Sarah’s lovely home as well as little Sami, fellow Dr. Who enthusiast. It was even harder leaving Orkney.

The ferry from Orkney back to John O’ Groats was one wild ride, a bit rolling, rainy, and up and down, and all rather stomach unsettling. It was a lot like riding a bucking horse in a lot of ways. But the payoff for putting up with interesting sea conditions was seeing a pod of Orca breaching! Unfortunately, my photographic efforts were thwarted by being trampled by about ten Italian girls who lost their balance and collided with me and some poor guy trying to smoke. Ouch. But the whales were amazing.

Pathetic, I know, but that black and white dot in the center is an orca....

We hopped on the Orkney Bus to Inverness (they sell refreshments on the bus). On the way we saw seals and several gray herons. We picked up our rental car. This time a Peugeot. What a difference a good car makes. Suddenly, driving was easy! That Ford really sucked (see previous post). The Peugeot was also interesting because the windshield wipers have a mind of their own and wipe faster or slower depending on the rate of rain hitting the windshield.

Sun spots on a moody sea

Aviemore is a touristy little town but is surrounded by some spectacular mountains and forest. Next stop the Caledonian forest! (as soon as we wake up that is....)


  1. Do you board ferry in scotland? Scotland consist of islands?

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  2. Scotland has islands off the coast of it that you get to by ferry.


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