Terrestrial Snails, Preying Mantises, and Lensbabies

Monarch butterfly. They need milkweeds in order to breed.

I have snails in my garden. These aren't those snails. These are different snails that live about 40 minutes from my home. There's a spot of milkweeds in a certain field that I know about that host terrestrial snails, preying mantises, and various butterfly caterpillars. I just bought a Lensbaby. I figured these little guys would make perfect subjects for this lens. Let me know what you think.

Praying Mantis. Taken with Lensbaby. 

 Praying Mantis. Taken with standard lens.

Terrestrial snail. Taken with standard lens. 

 Terrestrial snail. Taken with Lensbaby.

  Terrestrial snails. Taken with Lensbaby.

 Terrestrial snails. Taken with Lensbaby.