Michigan: Whitefish Point Lighthouse and Mackinac Island

Whitefish Point Lighthouse. Notice the walkway from the second floor to the lighthouse itself. This enabled the lighthouse keeper to access the lighthouse if the area was flooded or covered in snow.

Near the end of my journey in Michigan I stayed at the Crews Quarters at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse. I spent one glorious evening out on the beach there, wandering the shore of the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. Then I watched a freighter on Lake Superior eclipse the sun. The next morning I watched the sun rise as it always does, although this time it looked like a moon of Tatooine

 Whitefish Point Crews Quarters. Operates as a Bed & Breakfast. Very nice rooms.

 Lake Superior

 Gull tracks

 Driftwood. I love how you can see the stratified layers in the sand.

 Ring-billed Gulls

Herring Gulls

 Young gull eating a fish

 Young gull cleaning its beak after the feast

 The dead fish

 Freighter on Lake Superior

Freighter heading into the sun. 

 Freighter eclipse.

 The sun coming up the next morning.

A foggy and overcast morning


Sunrise on Lake Superior

The last stop was Mackinac Island. Other than the imported horses (more than 360 of them on the island during the summer) and lots of humans, there's nothing bigger than a rabbit living on the island. There are some amazing geological features to this island that has seen the formation of The Great Lakes and melting of the great glaciers of the last Ice Age.

 Your choices of transportation on Mackinac Island: Horse, Bicycle, or Walk. Horses demonstrating that they never miss an opportunity to grab a snack.

View of downtown/harbor from Fort Mackinac

 Making Peanut Brittle

 Limestone stack: Sugarloaf

 Sugarloaf up close.

 Arch Rock. Believe it or not there's about 500 other people around me, next to me and below the arch.

Lake Huron 

 Ring-billed Gulls

 Two Lighthouses

The Grand Hotel and the 200+ stairs you can climb to get to where I'm standing.

I decided that horse portraits were my mission while on Mackinac.

 Wilber and Orville. They hauled me and many other people up to the stables where we found more fudge shops. There are 17 fudge shops on Mackinac Island.

 John, Rye, and Chance. They hauled me and many other people around the State Park. The horses work 5 hours every other day.

 Rye and Chance

 How the recycling is picked up.



 Taking a horse taxi 

 Not only are the horses fancy but so are some of the bicycles.