A Walk through Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary


I frequently find myself at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. The five miles of trails never fail to reveal real wonders to me. This year I even caught a glimpse of an otter.

Here's a bird I didn't know existed: A salt marsh sharp tailed sparrow. A male in full breeding colors.

 Brandt geese. A frequent winter visitor.

Brandt goose closer up.

 Willets having an argument

American Robin with a meal.

Eastern Towee, male, in mid-jump.

 Fiddler Crabs

  Fiddler Crab

  Fiddler Crab

  Fiddler Crabs

  Fiddler Crab

 Lady Slipper

 Lady Slipper covered in pollen. The pollen was dropping out of the sky this day like rain.

Red Squirrel showing off magnificent whiskers.

Seen: River otter, red squirrel, song sparrow, chipping sparrow, willet, black-bellied plover, dunlin, ruddy turnstone, eastern towhee, house wren, praire warbler, salt marsh sharp tailed sparrow, osprey, baltimore oriole, tree swallow, brandt goose, canada goose, great white egret, grackle, sand fiddler crab, green crab, chickadee, American robin, American crow, hairy woodpecker, Northern flicker, American gold finch, cliff swallow, great blue heron.