Boston Harbor: Spectacle Island

Lobster boat

In July I got the opportunity to cruise around Boston Harbor and visit Spectacle Island. Taking a ferry out to some of the Boston Harbor Islands is a great way to spend a day.

Goldfinch, Spectacle Island


Cormorant taking off

One of the ship's crew


  1. Great shots...especially like the shot of "one of the crew". I am from Oregon and have been to Boston once. We took the ferry from there to Salem and the weather was gorgeous. Took a lot of photos of the harbor area but none of Spectacle Island.

  2. I love your blog & I love the seascapes. I grew up on the Gulf Coastal Plain and appreciate the beauty of living at the coastline. Here is my blog about the Gulf ecosystem:

  3. Thom, someday I hope to get out to Oregon and photograph the coast there too! Also, Salem is one of my favorite places!

    Red, thanks for the link. Really interesting stuff!


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