Summer Arrived

Yellow Goat's Beard (aka Meadow Salsify) with bees

Birds sighted: cedar waxwing, yellow warbler, tree sparrow, American kestrel, osprey, eastern kingbird, savannah sparrow, seaside sparrow, great blue heron, goldfinch, egret
Mammals: Cottontail rabbit
Amphibians: Painted turtle, green frogs, bull frogs

Summer has finally arrived in terms of sun, temperature, and humidity. I have discovered the ospreys at Burrage Pond have two offspring! And I saw the tiniest baby rabbit. It was no bigger than my hand (see below). I also had the dubious honor of watching a dragonfly catch a fly and then slowly start to eat it....head first. Ugh.

Baby cottontail rabbit. I love the little white mark on its head.

Blue Dasher (female)

Yellow-sided Skimmer

Eastern Amberwing

Gray Hairstreak

I was trying the photograph the osprey in flight. I got one almost acceptable shot. Then she returned to her nest. To my surprise two young ospreys popped up and stretched their wings. I wish I'd been positioned closer to the nest.

Osprey in flight

One young osprey stretching its wings

Rabbit's Foot Clover


  1. Wow, great photos. The Osprey flying, the dragonflies, all of them.


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