Summer Arrived

Yellow Goat's Beard (aka Meadow Salsify) with bees

Birds sighted: cedar waxwing, yellow warbler, tree sparrow, American kestrel, osprey, eastern kingbird, savannah sparrow, seaside sparrow, great blue heron, goldfinch, egret
Mammals: Cottontail rabbit
Amphibians: Painted turtle, green frogs, bull frogs

Summer has finally arrived in terms of sun, temperature, and humidity. I have discovered the ospreys at Burrage Pond have two offspring! And I saw the tiniest baby rabbit. It was no bigger than my hand (see below). I also had the dubious honor of watching a dragonfly catch a fly and then slowly start to eat it....head first. Ugh.

Baby cottontail rabbit. I love the little white mark on its head.

Blue Dasher (female)

Yellow-sided Skimmer

Eastern Amberwing

Gray Hairstreak

I was trying the photograph the osprey in flight. I got one almost acceptable shot. Then she returned to her nest. To my surprise two young ospreys popped up and stretched their wings. I wish I'd been positioned closer to the nest.

Osprey in flight

One young osprey stretching its wings

Rabbit's Foot Clover


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