San Francisco: Land's End to the Golden Gate Bridge

Why yes, I am the Farmer's Market's official greeter. Anything you drop is mine. Heermann's Gull.

I found myself in Emeryville, California for work so I took two days to explore some of the parts of San Francisco I hadn't seen when I was here five years ago.

This morning I took the bus over the new Bay Bridge into San Francisco. It being Saturday, I breakfasted at the farmer's market at the Ferry Building. It was plum, peach, and pluot season. I ate many samples. I also ate a Chinese Tea Egg, an Indian Samosa, and an Italian doughnut filled with pistachio cream.

Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

Tomatoes of every color!

Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

If I'd had kitchen facilities oh I would have put these fungi to good use.

Mushroom mass under glass.

One of these Chinese Tea Eggs was sacrificed to my stomach in honor of my visit here.

I love street performers.

Like I said, I love street performers.

After filling myself with what is probably one of the most varied breakfasts I've ever eaten I took a bus all the way across the city to Land's End. Land's End is a reserve full of hiking and bike paths with amazing views of the Marin Headlands and Golden Gate Bridge. That is if the fog hasn't settled in, then the view is just as amazing but more moody.

I would walk through Land's End investigating the Sutro Baths area and spending a lot of time wandering Mile Rock Beach (oh the stairs back up aren't fun), and then climbed around the promontory overlooking the Labyrinth. Then I continued on to China and Baker Beaches. Then, in a fit of insanity, I walked all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. This means, in my two trips here, that I have now walked the coast of San Francisco from Land's End to AT&T Park, plus the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sutro Bath's ruin. See that rock offshore. See below.

How many cormorants and Brown Pelicans can you find?

I don't know what these are. I just liked them.

Looking down on Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach

Harbor Seals and Mile Rock Light House.

Mile Rock Beach


More seals.

Interesting succulent.

White-crowned Sparrow

Baker's Beach

The Golden Gate Bridge. Almost there? Not really. It was still almost a mile walk to where I'd get picked up by a cab and have my tired, sore feet transported back to my hotel. I would discover something amazing when I got there: the uniquely San Francisco ice cream sandwich called an It's It. Oh heaven with cookies!