Basel Zoo: Lunchtime Affairs

I have been to the Basel Zoo before. Last time I visited was Fall 2010.  This time it was spring. In every sense spring was in the air. There were baby goats galore. The ducks were chasing prospective mates from pool to pool, water flying all around. The white storks, decorating the treetops, clicked and clacked at their partners, throwing their heads back in territorial displays. And the African wild asses...well...they were mating.

Moor Hen

Moor Hen

One of the things I like about the Basel zoo is that many species endemic to the area choose to make the zoo their home. Moor hens paddle about every enclosure that has a water source. There were Great Tits zooming through the trees. The BIRD I mean (seriously, get your mind out of the gutter). Blackbirds were singing away in the bushes while the white storks were nesting en masse high in the forest canopy. I had never seen such a huge rookery until I saw the gray herons of the Berlin zoo...but that's a story for a future post.

Jump on the Number 10 tram and be transported out of the city for a few hours. Now sit back and enjoy lunch time at the Basel Zoo.

Great Tit, a familiar European backyard bird

Blackbird, a member of the thrush family

 African Wild Ass

 There I was sitting on a park bench, innocently eating my oliven ciabatta mit tomaten und mozzarella sandwich, when this occurred right in front of me. Equids. They have no shame. None what so ever. All you horse owners, you know this.  

 Part of the white stork rookery

 White stork

White stork

 White stork displaying

 Gray Heron

 Gray Heron

 Gray Heron, male

Gray Heron

New model pygmy goat

An even younger pygmy goat. This little one can't be more than a few days old if that. Looking for mom.

 Found her!

 Common Goldeneye males in pursuit of a female (diving, left)

Smew. One of the best names for a bird ever. Member of the merganser family.

 The dive

Interestingly, I encountered an old friend. This goose I saw back in 2010. She still had a lot to say to me, pacing the fence and squeaking quietly to me. The mallards were quiet for once (for the significance of that visit my Scotland posts).

 Red-eared Turtle, an invasive species


  1. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I love seeing different animals..great photos to catch for! :)


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