The Woods in August

The late summer flowers are blooming and so has the humidity. It is feeling very tropical out there lately. Not this Traveler's most favorite kind of weather. I'm am looking forward to autumn. Fall will bring a multitude of multi-colored wood warblers as they migrate through the area on their long trek south. But for the moment I will be satisfied with the dragonflies and butterflies of late August.

I found a new haunt. Norris Reservation in Norwell. I'd known about it but always by passed on my way to other places. Finally, I stopped there and went wandering. I was immediately befriended by two boxers (dogs) after I took the shot of the jewelwing above. One was named Oscar and the other I didn't catch the name of but he was the fattest boxer I've ever seen. He plunked into the stream in front of me (jewelwings hang out by streams) to cool off his double-wide overheated body. Oscar was more interested in following me rather than his owner, as is usual with dogs. Then Oscar decided to take matters in his own hands and took off down the short cut to the old boat house that overlooks a tidal river sans owner. Oscar was a genius (although his owner probably didn't think so at the time). The boat house was probably the only place we were going to find even a hint of a breeze in the oppresive heat and humidity haunting the deep woods that afternoon.

Female pondhawk having a very large snack...

Garter Snake

Some kind of Skipper

A rare site of a ruby-throated hummingbird (female) hanging out in a tree. (Burrage Pond, Hanson, Ma)

A Viceroy. It may look like a monarch but its considerably smaller.

Pearl Crescent

And one of the Burrage Pond ospreys.


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