High Summer

Juvenile Male Common Whitetail

Summer has finally arrived in terms of temperature and humidity. This Traveler doesn't particularly like temperatures near 90 degrees with 75% humidity. The butterflies and dragonflies seem to enjoy it thus I venture out even though I'd rather spend the day lying on the floor near a fan and not moving if I can help it.

Eastern Pondhawk Changing Male

Although it doesn't happen very often while I'm wandering around near where I live, I did see a bird I've never seen before. I saw an Indigo Bunting for the first time last weekend. It was like seeing a tiny blue jewel flitting along the side of the long dusty trail I was following. Sorry, no photo though.

I also saw a fishing spider for the first time. These are also known as water spiders. I was fascinated by its eight eyes that were clearly visible.

Fishing Spider

Warbling Vireo

The young osprey at Burrage Pond show themselves.


  1. Nice work. I love the dragonflies and a great shot of the spider. I always like birds.


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