Scotland Day Eleven: Glencoe

Birds sighted: Mallards, Tawny Owl, song thrush, grey heron, robin, great tit, wren, grasshopper warbler, blackcap

We are staying in the most amazing spot. We are staying at Glencoe Cottages, which just happen to be located right near where Hagrid's hut was constructed for the third Harry Potter film "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." Other scenes from subsequent movies were also filmed nearby. We are also within walking distance of a very nice inn, the Chlachaig Inn, where good traditional Scottish food is to be had. Our cottage is set off from the other two cottages and faces a river and the woods. It's perfect.

Today was officially a day of rest (meaning neither of us was wanting to get in the car and actually drive any where).

Loch Torren and the rising sun.

Early in the day This Traveler walked down the driveway to near where Loch Torren lies. This tiny Loch sits at the entrance to the property the cottages are built on. On one of the hills above Loch Torren was where Hagrid's Hut was located. I wandered around the Loch. There was a grey heron stalking frogs and who knows what else. The grey heron turned out to be horribly camera shy to my great frustration. There were mallards in abundance. I also saw my first European robin.

Rock marking way to Rock of the Sun

Later on in the day Traveler Two and I hiked out to Signal Rock, which sits on the property shared by the cottages. Signal Rock is also known as The Rock of the Sun, in Gaelic "Torr na Grian". Druids are said to have used the rock to view the rising and setting sun. There are at least three standing stones marking the approach to the Rock (but you have to look carefully and I don't know when the stones would have been erected. They could be fairly contemporary for all I know, although they are quite moss and lichen covered). On our way to the Rock of the Sun I saw the most beautiful Tawny Owl. It was bright orange with deep, black eyes, and flew on silent feathers.

The Torren woods