Vancouver Island: Goats on a Roof and Cathedral Grove

Tree tops, Cathedral Grove

On my way from Campbell River to Tofino, which means driving east to west across Vancouver Island, I made several stops of significance.

The first was the Coombs Old Country Market in Coombs, BC. Why? Because they have goats on their roof. Seriously. There are goats living on the roof of the market's sod roof. The goats are well worth visiting as is the market. It's a great place to get provisions and housewares. The market also has a great bakery and deli.

The second stop was Cathedral Grove. Cathedral Grove is a protected area showcasing an old growth Douglas fir ecosystem. The oldest trees are nearly 800 years old and stand around 250 feet high. The forest is dark. The trees are tall. And there is such an abundance of life within its tall trucks and high branches. Spend a lot of time here.

A nearly 800 year old tree.

Look closely and you can see steam rising from the forest floor.

Pacific Wren. This tiny bird has a really loud voice. It's calls echo through the forest. You will also hear red-breasted sapsuckers tapping away at tree trunks as you walk along.

I also stopped to clamber over rocks lining the shores of the Kennedy River.

Finally I reached the west coast and Pacific Rim National Park. I think I stopped at every beach in the park on my way to Tofino. Oh how I needed sand and beach and waves. I saw my first and only gray whales off shore near Wickaninnish Beach. I explored beach detritus and drift wood. I inhaled salt tinged air, listened to crows calling, and watched mist and clouds roll in. I was happy.

I ended the day by stopping at one of the world's tiniest grocery stores and picked up dinner at Tacofino, which is really really really good. Then I made it to my lodgings for the next four days: The Cedar Shack. Then I walked out to Chesterman Beach and watched surfers battling waves as daylight disappeared.

The original Tacofino truck. 

Northwestern crows like fish tacos too!

Day's end on Chesterman Beach


  1. Such magnificent scenery and photos, PJ. It's very emotional for me as I read through this blog with tears in my eyes. Life is crazy~

  2. Thank you. I knew this would be emotional for you. Sending you a big hug.


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