The Lords of Dust and Light

The Lord of Light and Dust

Light is the photographer's medium. We chase the light, we play with light, we manipulate light, we capture light. It is the foundation of our magic. In the desert I fell in love with dust and how it diffuses and spreads and wraps objects in ethereal light. The horses in the Great Basin Desert kicked up dust and changed the light, warping it, wrapping it around themselves, and shedding it in long trails. They became the Lords of Dust and Light.

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The dust cloud.

The posture.

The challenge.

The chase.

The skid.

The getaway.

The standoff.

The magnificence.

The clash.

The kick.

The win.

The king.

The calm.


Wild horses need our help. Here are some ways you can:


  1. YOU are not only an amazing photographer of nature..also an amazing story teller!!..
    best post evah!!

  2. I agree with Jen. You are able to suck me in to their world~


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