Idaho: Granite Creek Guest Ranch

Getting ready for a ride.

 I liked it so much here at Granite Creek Ranch that I didn't want to leave.

My home for three nights.

Waiting for me at the end of the two mile dirt road to the ranch was what I consider paradise: an original homestead cabin shaded by trees located near a pond filled with interesting bird life, as well as a pasture filled with horses, all surrounded by beautiful mountain views. Peter and his family are incredible hosts and Rowdy, their dog, is an exceptionally friendly companion to wander the ranch with.

Just one of the many stunning views.

Side of one of the ranch buildings.

Horses and cowbirds.

I spent three nights here. I spent an entire day just wandering the trails/roads of the ranch. You can do this by horse or UTV tour as well but I needed my camera because the wildlife was amazing. There was a pair of bald eagles hanging around the pond and doing spectacular aerial acrobatics over the pond. There were the 7:00 pm deer who walked across an upper pasture at the same time everyday (and there were seven of them). I found a pair of red tailed Hawks nesting not to far from my cabin. They too were given to performing aerial acrobatics. There were pine siskins, house finches, chipping sparrows, cowbirds, red-winged blackbirds, Brewer's blackbirds, cliff swallows, and more mourning doves than I've ever seen in one place. Robins were nesting on the cow skulls hung on the side of one of the ranch buildings. There were Canada geese, redhead ducks and coots feeding babies out on the pond. Two Sandhill cranes and their chick called the far shore their home, their shrieking calls a great alarm clock in the morning. I had a magnificent encounter with a feeding Swainson's Hawk. And then there was the wildlife right near the cabin. One afternoon, I was awoken from a nap by a female Bullock's Oriole knocking on the window above my bed as if to wake me up and make sure I knew she was there. A young bull moose came down the hill, walking right behind the Homestead Cabin, late each evening and very early each morning on the way to the pond. He was gangly, big, and shy.

Another view showing the pond.

Two interesting things about the ranch: When they say they have a well stocked kitchen area they really mean it. And if you have Verizon as your cell/mobile carrier you will have the most amazing reception. Traveler Thirteen (Ecuador and other adventures) called me as I was following moose tracks through deep woods and I had better reception there, in the middle of all those trees, than I do at home in my own living room!

Swainson's Hawk with afternoon snack.

Eastern Kingbird with dinner.

The whole sequence of the kingbird eating its meal. Click to play .gif.

Pine Siskin

Young Brewer's Blackbird

Pine Siskin

Female red-winged blackbird

Male red-winged blackbird

Red-tailed hawk taking flight.

Female northern shoveler.

Eagles taking flight as a storm comes in.

Pine Siskins

Cliff swallows getting a drink.

Rowdy getting a drink.


  1. Great bird shots! the little cabin you stayed in...I could us a week there myself ....great blog..really enjoy reading and viewing all your travels...thank you PJ


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