An Early Morning and Late Afternoon in La Jolla, California

"But MOM I don't want to go back in the water!" Sea lions having a difference of opinion.

So after Emeryville, I was in La Jolla for work. I didn't have much time to wander. But I did take time to take a short walk down along the shore in downtown La Jolla and check out the sea lions and harbor seals that hang out along the shore.

Later, I took a short hike through the Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve. I wandered the chaparral and marveled at how many of the plants and animals seemed armed. There are tarantulas. There are other spiders. There are rattlesnakes. And in the shallows of the water are sting rays (shuffle if you go in the water). I also saw bunnies and a lizard. So, okay, the bunnies aren't particularly threatening.

While my time was short for wandering I did something even better. I reunited with some family I had not seen in a very long time and that was better than anything.

Harbor Seal pup, Children's Pool

Juvenile Brown Booby

Young gull. Maybe Western Gull???

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Sea Lion surfing in the waves

On the Guy Flemming Trail, which was the only trail I could handle in the heat/humidity. I happen to arrive during an unusual heatwave.

Cactus. Don't know what kind. If you know, let me know.

Don't know what kind of flowers either. Let me know if you do know. Prickly Pear cactus in the background. This is near where I saw a lizard briefly, and took a picture I of what I thought was a really big beetle but now that I look at it, its actually the pincers and head of a tarantula lurking in the sand.

These spiders were all over. Let me know the species please.

These spiders were all over. Let me know the species please.

Long billed Curlew



Torrey Pines State Beach

Sunset, Starvation Mountain, Escondido, California


  1. stunning! love the sea lions..and the Torrey Pines state beach shot .

  2. These are amazing photos! So beautiful, and such a talent PJ. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love all your photos,PJ, but these are close to my heart~


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