Interlude: Walk with a Deer

White-tailed Deer (Doe)

There is a magical place on the coast of Rhode Island called the Norman Bird Sanctuary. Some of the trails are rather difficult with steep inclines of sheer rock. Sometimes one has to take the difficult path to encounter real magic.

I was walking up an incline watching the autumn leaves fall onto the trail when I heard something to my left. I looked into the woods and there was a White-tailed deer. A doe. I stopped and she didn't. She walked right out onto the edge of the trail and looked at me. She seemed to take the measure of me and my camera and decided that we were okay company and commenced ripping leaves off bushes and chewing on them. As she walked down the trail I followed her, always keeping about ten to fifteen feet between us. Occasionally, she'd show concern but then she always walked on or stopped to snatch leaves. Eventually, we just kind of hung out together. Her watching me watching her eat leaves. This went on for about 45 minutes.

 My first look at the doe who decided to take a walk with me.

 Checking to make sure I'm still there.
I kneeled down and that put her on guard.

 Once I stood up again she was fine.

 Being observed.

Watching me and going in for more leaves.

This morning I also, after I escaped being stuck in the middle of a triathlon (I have weird karma that way) visited Third Beach and the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge.

 Third Beach, Middletown, Rhode Island

Great Blue Heron. Third Beach.

Great Blue Heron

Ring-billed gulls

Herring Gull in its second cycle plumage (adult coloring coming in). Laughing gull and another Herring gull in the background.

Least sandpipers and ring-necked plover
 I love how the rain drops magnify the structure of the feathers.



  1. loved this blog...the pics were awesome, the writing perfect, you got a way w/ the pen!..loved the walk w/ the doe...keep em coming!
    thanx Jen D :)

  2. Love the pics of the Great Blue Heron. We have them here in Kent Ohio too.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I loved the feather one the most! Following you now on G+.

  4. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.Wildlife photographers seem to spend a lot of time and a lot of money to capture eyeballs.

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  5. The feather pictures are beautiful. I never realized a picture of a feather could look so... detailed.

  6. awesome pictures, what a hike!!


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