Florida Nesting Season: Gallery Three

It wasn't only the egrets and herons on display in the Orlando area. Lots of other birds were showing off too.

I had to make way for this wood stork as it made its way down the walkway we shared.

Wood Stork

Preening. Wood Stork.

Gathering nesting material

Wood stork with nesting babies on left. Anhinga babies center with mom to the right.

 Juvenile white ibis

Young boat-tailed grackle waiting patiently for its parents to bring its next meal.

Female boat-tailed grackle

 Just in case you wanted to see the bottom of a crow's foot.

Young moorhen

Male anhinga. This is the first time I've seen this bird. They are one of my new favorites. I love their red eyes.

Anhinga feeding her young. I can't believe how far down her throat her baby has its head!

Female anhinga with babies

Mourning dove. Their call is one of my favorite sounds.

Not only were the wild birds showing off but the domesticated birds were putting on quite a show too.


Domesticated ducks demonstrating where baby ducks come from. I don't think I'd like to be a female duck.

What is this odd creature you say? This is the Florida Softshell Turtle.

Florida Softshell Turtle swimming.


  1. What a fantastic collection of photos, I especially love the bird photos! Thank you for sharing.


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