Gray Squirrels and Snow

All the suet is MINE!

If you have bird feeder it is inevitable that squirrels show up. I like squirrels. A lot of people see them as a pest but their antics in my backyard are pretty amusing. Here there are two gray squirrel subgroups. One is what you'd expect, your standard gray squirrel so to speak, the other has white fur at the base of the back of its ears. I call these the white-eared squirrels. In the winter that white fur turns into a small cotton ball puff.

This area of New England has had over six feet of snow this winter. This is extremely unusual. I loved it.


  1. Really applauded... Wonderful gallery of cute squirrels and snowy fields.

  2. Getting tired of all this snow. I live in a very wooded lot and the squirrels kill my bird feeder :(


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