Early Spring 2010

Blue Jay in the snow.

Once again I find myself behind, very behind, posting things. Late winter brought snow. Then March and the advent of spring brought torrential rains and flooding to New England. The bogs all around where I lived flooded (as did most people's basements and entire towns...). The reflection of trees on mirror calm waters in the afternoon sun was breathtaking. I went wandering when the paths cleared a bit. Oddly, bullfrogs emerged from winter hibernation in March.

Flooded forest showing the first buds of spring.

The flood waters brought out the bull frogs.

Early spring brought another surprise, this one right in my own backyard. The Nine Ladies Who Brunch (the nine wild turkeys who visited my bird feeders in the spring of 2009) expanded into the 17 Ladies who Brunch and the Three Foolish Toms that Escort Them. And one of the ladies is oddly white. She's not a real albino but she sure does stand out.

The while wild turkey who visits my backyard.

The wild turkeys came every morning. The males strutting their stuff and trying to impress the ladies. The ladies never seem interesting. They made a regular circuit through the area managed to cause some chaos each morning as they crossed the condo complex's parking lot just as all the commuters needed to be leaving for work. Happily, there were no casualties.


  1. Very good photo you take :)
    I like the Blue Jay in the snow photo.


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