St. Lucia Day Four I: Morning

Ghost Crab. There were a bunch of these guys on the beach, all very busy digging out their holes. They can throw dirt pretty darn far when they really get going.

My big plan for this morning was to snorkel but the snorkeling near the resort that morning kind of stunk. Instead I ended up wandering around taking photos of semi-terrestrial ghost crabs and birds. Including one mystery bird. If you can confirm what species the bird is for me I'd be forever grateful.

Mystery Bird
This bird looks a lot like a black catbird but according to everything I've read a black catbird can't possible be on St. Lucia. So what in the world is it???

Mystery bird male

Mystery bird female
The Zenaida doves were all over the beach. It was mating season. Males were following females all over the beach, around beach chairs, under beach chairs, and into the trees above our heads. They aren't shy about consummating their relationships right out there in the open, in the sand next to your feet, or right there practically on your beach chair.... The Eurasian Colored Doves were much more discreet.

Zenaida Dove

Eurasian Colored Dove

Ruddy Turnstones
There was a rather large flock of these guys running up and down the beach at Morgan Bay. One was nice enough to clearly display its wing feathers for a photo. Just in case you wanted to know what Ruddy Turnstone wing feathers looked like.

Other Birds

Carib Grackle

Carib Grackle

Peregrine Falcon caught in mid-dive. This falcon was hunting just off the coast at Morgan Bay.