Aroostook Wildlife Refuge

The Aroostook Wildlife Refuge in Limestone, Maine is a work in progress, consisting of 4700 acres reclaimed for nature from the former Loring Air Force Base. The small bird hide on one of the ponds provides great wildlife and waterfowl viewing. While wandering about, myself and my fellow Travelers, saw multitudes of mallards, Canada geese, warblers (mostly yellow-rumped and pine) and the ubiquitus black-capped chickadee. A heron hunted in the shallows on one of the ponds and so did common mergansers. Dragonflies and leopard frogs were out in force. Moose tracks were numerous as were deer and raccoon tracks. Beaver dams were prevalent and their woodworking activity was obvious in among the trees. One note, come prepared with waterproof boots to ford several streams that crisscross the trails.

Leopard frog

Autumn Meadhawk, mating pair