Hints of Fall

Twelve Spotted Skimmer

Despite today's warm temperature and Hurricane Hanna passing overhead last night, there are hints of Autumn all around. Oddly, some trees have already begun to change their colors. One hopes with all the rain we've had that the Fall colors will be spectacular. Hanna also brought some of the soggiest Blue Jays you've ever seen to my bird feeder yesterday and today. Oddly, it brought a brown thrasher as well. This is the first time I've seen one at the suet feeder.

Meadow Hawk

Eastern Pond Hawk

The dragonflies are still out in full force. And I did get the opportunity to board a boat and observe the Humpback Whales that migrate past the Cape. There are at least 73 mothers with calves in our area this year!

Tail of smaller humpback whale, about 30 feet long.

A mother humpback whale and her calf. She's about 50 feet long. Her name is Crown and she's well known in these parts.


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