Welcome to Not As The Crow Flies

I tend to wander. Any person who has ever tried to have a conversation with me knows this. And anyone who has known me for years and had to update their address books more than three times in one year also knows this. This blog will record, through words and images, where I'm wandering now. It will be filled with animals, birds, plants, interesting places, and some imaginary spaces as well. Try to keep up. There's much to see and many to meet along this long, twisting path I follow.


  1. I am in love with your blog already :)

    Just found you via Blog Catalog thread.

    My sister lives in the Highlands of Scotland and I am frequent visitor. I live near Liverpool, so don't get there as much as I like. I have had a quick whizz through some of your posts and the photographs are just fantastic.


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